River Avon
Running through the centre of Upavon
Upavon Village
Looking towards the Antelope Inn
Christmas Illuminations
The wonderful illuminations in Down's View
The Ship Inn
The 16th century Ship Inn
St Mary's Church
A beautiful church at the heart of the village
St Mary's Church Window
The Beautiful Church Window showing the story of the Nativity
Those pesky Geese
Upavon's much loved Geese in winter
Triangle House
On the Junction of A345 and A342
St Mary's Church
Inside our lovely church at Christmas
St Mary's Church, Upavon
St Mary's Church Coffee Morning
the last Saturday of the month except December
From 10am to 12pm
Everyone is welcome

Council Meetings

The next Parish Council Meeting
will be held at the 
Wednesday 20 March 2019
at 7:00pm
All are welcome to attend 

 Issues can be addressed to the Council during the "adjournment". Please submit any issues, concerns or questions in writing, or by e-mail, to the Parish Clerk 48 hours before the meeting in order that a considered response be offered.

Contact Details can be found HERE

Do you feel safe online?

Anyone over 60 or with a registered disability (18+) is eligible for Online Saftey Advice.


To make your appointment

Call: 01380 861191 or Email bv.onlinesafety@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk

Bobby Van

www.wiltshire.police.uk || www.wiltshirebobbyvan.org.uk

Bobby Van Online Safety Initiative Case Study: Mr Simon Hyde Jones

Before your visit from a volunteer, how safe did you feel online and what challenges did you face?

I use a tablet and my wife uses a computer for Internet and emails. I consider myself fairly computer literate and I know what are the most common things to keep an eye out for but there are so many new terms and different operating systems that I feel lost from time to time on what they mean. I know that I need to keep an eye out for scams and threats but I'm not really sure of the tell tale signs. I don't really know much about computer safety when it comes to what type of system louse, as there are too many to choose from.

Please explain what happened during your visit from the online safety volunteer?

During the visit we had a very relaxed conversation. We sat down with my wife and using our own devices we covered a set of topics. We had been given a few pages of Bobby Van documents that was more or less the legal bits. We had a list where the Online Safety Volunteer asked a few question about how we felt at the moment in terms of confidence and being at risk with specific topics. Then we jumped into the topics and covered lots of Interesting elements, which was great because many things fell into place as we went through it. Some things I already knew but if it was really good for my wife, as she knew less then I did. We asked quite a few question on practical daily topics and where we can get security software and what certain things actually mean which we see daily just never knew much about.

Did the visit change how you use and access online resources?

It was a great boost to confidence because knowing what to look out for and what basic steps to take to be safe means we are no longer nervous about many topics. It really grew our awareness, as there are so many things we did not know much about and now the intemet no longer feels like a threat. It was rather funny to do the 'after meeting' evaluation on the same topics we were asked before as we both felt that it gave us a massive boost. We realised that some of the points we felt confident in turned out to be more to it so now we know we truly are more knowledgeable.

How did you become aware of the Online Safety Initiative?

We have been in touch with the Bobby Van before on home security subjects and we heard about this initiative from the newsletters and took the opportunity immediately.

Please explain why you would recommend this service to others.

The Bobby Van offers a very wide variety of service and if you ever feel exposed both to physical crimes or the online word the same team will be able to help you. Their services are free and every member of their team is very friendly and a real pleasure to have around, always helpful and sincere. Highly recommended

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