The Precept is an annual local tax on the residents of the Parish, which is used to ensure that the basic functions of the Parish are effectively carried out: it is collected by Wiltshire Council as part of the annual Council Tax charge, and passed on to the Parish Council for its use.

The Parish Council Finance Committee has recently set the Precept for 2020/2021 at £31,000-00, and this was formally agreed by the Parish Council at its January Meeting. This amounts to an increase of £1.55p per month for a Band D Property compared to the precept for 2019/2020. For the most expensive houses in Upavon, the Band H Houses, the precept will increase by £3.11p per month, this is a percentage increase of 38.15%.

The reasons for the rise in the Precept are:

-       Play Areas. Some of the equipment in the lower playing field needs replacing it has come to the end of its life and these pieces of equipment cost a lot of money, for instance purchasing and installing a new swing set will cost about £3000.00. We also have the castle/slide to replace during the year, again a rough estimate for that would be £6000.00.

-       Repair of the Bus Shelter roof. The roof of the bus shelter at the bottom of the village was damaged last year and needs some attention, a rough estimate to fix this is about £500 to £1000.

-       Trim the Lime tree in the centre of the Village. The lime tree by the bus shelter is currently in need of trimming an estimate of this tree surgery work is between £500.00 and £1000.00.

-       General rising costs. All of the work we do is subject to outside price rises, inflation, we have to reflect this in our precept.

This is extra expenditure over and above our normal maintenance costs, and so we have had to increase the precept to cover this.

Bob McDonald

Vice Chairman, Upavon Parish Council                    26th January 2020

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