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Introduction.  During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Upavon PC has been understandably limited in what it has been able to do.  As we return to some ‘normality’ we will be able to steadily do more, and we consider that now may be a good time to remind Parishioners what we are here to do for them.

Mission.  We have defined our Mission as:

‘To represent, and deliver specific services, on behalf of the Upavon Community in order to help improve the quality of life for the whole Village.’

Parish Council Outputs.  In order to successfully deliver our Mission, we have further analysed our key outputs, and these we have defined as follows: 

Represent the community’s views – at such Meetings as: the Pewsey Area Board; Pewsey Community Area Partnership; Community Area Transport Group; and many more.  Minutes of all Meetings can be found on the Wiltshire Council Website.

Maintain communal areas – these include: both Play Areas; the Bus Shelter; Grass Verges; Telephone Boxes; and more.

Contribute to public safety issues – these have included: the Emergency Plan; Traffic Calming; Speed Watch Operations: and more.

Develop/Enhance community cohesion and Village outlook.

Manage ourselves in a proper manner, ensuring compliance with rules and regulations, and according to the Local Authority’s Code of Conduct.

How Do We Achieve the Outputs?  To achieve our Outputs, we have loosely organized ourselves into a number of committees, as follows:

Leadership/Management.  To provide direction to the Parish Council as well as liaison with outside authorities, including Wiltshire Council.  And to ensure that the Parish Council adheres to all necessary rules and regulations, and remains open and transparent in all its dealings.

Development Control.  To process all Upavon related Planning Applications (including Trenchard Lines) submitted to Wiltshire Council; comment as required, and to host Public Meetings to assess larger Planning Issues; liaise with Wiltshire Council Planning Officers and attend Area Planning Conferences.

Budget and Finance.  To develop and maintain Financial Regulations for the Parish Council, and to develop and maintain the Annual Budget. To calculate the Annual Parish Precept requirement, and to liaise with Wiltshire Council Financial Officers, particularly on the issue of Precept payment.

Public Safety.  To engage Wiltshire County Highways department to best advantage of the Village; liaise with the Neighbourhood Police Teams; carry out Speed Watch operations; plan and coordinate the deployment of Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) around the Village. 

Community Facilities.  To plan the routine maintenance of all Village facilities and open spaces; task the Village Maintenance Contractor and the Parish Steward; plan, review and implement the RoSPA Process; liaise with Wiltshire Council as required.  To continue the maintenance of the Village AEDs.

Special Projects.  To plan and execute Special Projects on an ‘as required’ basis; develop a costed plan for the expenditure of known Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Section 106 monies – to include public consultation.

Administrative and Financial Support.  The Clerk to the Parish Council is tasked to carry out all routine administrative and financial tasks in order to ensure that the Parish Council runs effectively and efficiently.

Look Forward.  There is much to achieve over the next few months including the delayed Annual Meeting (date TBC), CIL and Section 106 Expenditure Consultation and much more.  And, of course, the routine work to allow the Parish to function efficiently continues.

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