In recent weeks, we have had a number of calls from concerned members of the public regarding speeding and reckless driving in towns and villages across the county. A minority of drivers appear to be taking advantage of quieter roads and using this as an opportunity to drive at excess speed. During these unprecedented times, it is important to stress that we all have a collective responsibility to avoid putting more strain on the emergency services. If you must make an essential journey, please take extra care on the roads and:

■ Adhere to the speed limit – it is there for everyone’s safety
■ Do not become complacent when driving familiar routes that may be quieter than usual
■ Read the road and always try to anticipate potential hazards
■ Drive in accordance with the road conditions – these are constantly changing

■ Maintain your vehicle – check your lights are working and check tyre tread and pressure.

Wiltshire Police Community Policing Teams and Roads Policing Unit will continue increased patrols on our main roads and roads in rural areas. These patrols aim to discourage speeding and antisocial driving and officers will enforce the law where appropriate in relation to these matters. For the latest government advice on what is considered an essential journey, please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/news/covid-19-essential-travel-guidance.

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