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St Peter’s Church, Charlton St Peter

St Peter's is open for personal reflection and prayer every Tuesday 2pm-4pm and Saturday 10am-2pm. There is clear guidance given at the church so it can be used as safely as possible

St Mary’s Church, Upavon

St Mary’s is open daily from 0900-1600 hrs for personal prayer and reflection when the Church will be unsupervised; visitors are requested to follow the guidance notices on church doors and inside the church. All are also asked to record their contact details in the sheets provided in case of subsequent need by NHS Test and Trace. Please use hand sanitiser on entering and leaving and wear a face covering whilst in the building.

St Matthew’s Church, Rushall

St Matthew’s is open from 1000-1200 hrs on Sundays and Wednesdays for individual prayer and reflection. Individuals are asked to comply with signage, wear a face covering whilst in the building and use the provided hand sanitiser.

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