Old Upavon.

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The Turnpike

This is a picture of the Turnpike, I'm guessing from around 1930's (the car in the foreground...

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Winston Churchill flies from Upavon

Winston Churchill flew from Upavon to Portsmouth, whilst learning to fly, from the Dundee Courier...

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Upavon Fair, 1860

Upavon Fair, 1860, found on ...

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Jarvis Street, Upavon, 1939

Jarvis Street, Upavon, 1939, the picture comes from ...

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The Bridge and River Upavon 1939

The Bridge and River, 1939, the picture comes from ...

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Bridge House, Upavon, 1939

Bridge House, Upavon, 1939, the picture comes from ...

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The Green, Upavon 1939

The Green, Upavon, 1939, the picture comes from ...

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High Street, Upavon 1939

This is the High Street from 1939, the picture comes from ...

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Upavon from the Church Tower, August 1934

This copy of a photo was also purchased from ebay from Australia and again reckons to be August...

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Jarvis Street, Upavon, August 1934

This is a copy of a photograph purchased on Ebay from Australia, it is Jarvis Street and it is...

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